Butte with Screens
Butte with Showers
2 Multi-User Restrooms - 6 Toilets - 2 Sinks and optional storage or 4 showers.
- The Butte is designed for the most extreme conditions for wind,
snow, and seismic activities. Cleaning is made easy through hard
durable finishes. Stainless steel fixtures and vitreous china available.
- Men's side (1) ADA accessible stall, (2) toilets, (1) urinal, and (2)
sinks. Women's side (1) ADA accessible stall, (3) toilets, and (2)
sinks. ADA and Title 24 Compliant. Optional floor and/or wall tile.
- Our standard concrete mix design reaches over 5000 psi. (Higher
strengths are optional). Concrete provides a long lasting, easy to
clean surface. Two-part epoxy paint on the reinforced 4 inch thick
interior walls and 5-inch floor create a clean bright surface. Just
wash it down with soap and water. The life of concrete far out
performs other materials. Concrete will not burn or rot and is highly
vandal resistant.