UBC Precast Concrete Restroom Building
2 multiuser restrooms - 6 toilets - 4 sinks
-Women's side: 2 standard flush type stalls.
- Men's side: 2 urnials and 1 flush type stall.
- 1 handicap stall per side.
- 2 sinks per side.
- Skylights allow natural light.
- Utilities, electrical, and plumbing concealed in chase.
- ADA, Federal Accessibility, & Title 24 compliant. UBC units comply
with all ADA, Federal Accessibility & title 24 regulations. 60" Diameter
interior turning radius.
- Our standard concrete mix design reaches over 5000 psi. (Higher
strengths are optional). Concrete provides a long lasting, easy to
clean surface. Two-part epoxy paint on the reinforced 4 inch thick
interior walls and 5-inch floor create a clean bright surface. Just wash
it down with soap and water. The life of concrete far out performs
other materials. Concrete will not burn or rot and is highly vandal